Carbon Steels

Pickling and Passivation of Carbon Steel is usually carried out to remove scale from the internal surfaces of pipework where mechanical and impact access is limited.

If scale is not removed prior to incorporation into a Hydraulic System loose particles can form a build up and produce blockages resulting in restriction to the free flowing oils and subsequently causing a decline in the efficiency or in some cases breakdown in the system.


Pickling and Passivation

By Pickling in an inhibited solution of Hydrochloric acid followed by a Passivation process to prevent oxidisation of the resulting finish the scale is fully removed and the pipework can be considered fit for service helping to prevent these occurrences.  

The Process

The process can also be employed to clean materials which have been in service to remove contamination such as lime scale in cooling systems thus extending the life of the system giving subsequent savings on the cost of new and replacement parts. However the Pickling Process is not exclusively used for processing pipework and . an be employed in many different areas where a clean surface is required.


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