The company and its employees have a wealth of practical knowledge and technical experience in all aspects of acid immersion pickling, industrial metals cleaning and associated services. Our considerable experience in this specialised field is based on 59 years of continuously serving customers in a wide range of industries as a key part of a number of demanding industrial supply chains centred around the oil, gas and energy production sectors, including the past and current UK Nuclear Industry supply chain, as well as key aerospace customers, together with a wide range of stainless steel and special metal fabricators and heavy engineering companies . As well as a diverse group of special metals producers and stock holders located through out the UK who all benefit from the quickest, most convenient and cost effective quality assured acid immersion services available. This means they avoid the "headache", bother and considerable expense of having to set up and become directly involved in treating their own products with difficult and potentially very hazardous acid processes "in house" themselves with all the potential risk for accidents and consequential losses such operations can potentially incur and entail.








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Essentially Metapic make acid immersion processes, and the cleaning, and restoration of the special properties of your own valuable special metal products, easy, safe, reliable, very convenient and highly cost effective. This means you can rest assured that your products will always perform as designed and intended because you have the confidence to know that they have always all been properly and consistently pickled, passivate, or cleaned according to the correct agreed specification by Metapic Ltd to optimise the maximum service life and performance of your own products. As a matter of routine we manage all our potentially hazardous acid and chemical processes on our Environment Agency IPPC licence site in Chesterfield, in a responsible and environmentally sustainable way in accordance with the latest standards, and best practice.


BS EN ISO 9001:2008 FM 01673 - Successful transition to ISO 9001:2015 on 19/04/2018.
100% Score Achieved on Transition Assessment.

Environmental Site License

Fully IPPC Site Licenced
Site Permit issued by the UK Environment Agency

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Dedicated Stainless & Special Materials Plant = 11,000 sq ft
Separate Carbon Steel Facilities = 5000 sq ft
On site waste treatment plant and Pre-treatment facilities


Longest - 15.50 mts x 1.40 mts x 1 mt

Deepest - 4 mts x 2 mts x 2 mts

Largest - 6 mts x 5 mts 1.5 mts

Brimington Road North, Whittington Moor, Chesterfield,S41 9BG  |   01246 451710  | © 2019 by METAPIC LTD.

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